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In 2012 children at Glaitness School established a group called the S Team ( S for Scapa) and took responsibility for removing some of the marine litter that was building up on our local beach. They found out that it was a global problem and seriously affecting animals by entangling them or being eaten by them. Plastic bags look like jellyfish to a turtle and shiny fragments of crisp packets look like fish to a bird!
With the help of Orkney Islands Council and Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership we established a new bin at Scapa to try to encourage everyone to Pick Up 3 Pieces when they visit the beach. Classes got together and made visits to bag some bruck, not just once, but over and over again!

Did you know that plastics don't ever biodegrade they just break down into smaller and smaller pieces?

This year as well as visiting the beach to clean up we hope to encourage more people in our community to Pick Up 3 Pieces too! Every time a class at Glaitness go to Scapa to bag some bruck they are being active global citizens and they earn a badge. This year we would like to offer more people a badge as a reward for Picking Up 3 Pieces. So, if you are out for a walk at Scapa, or any other beach or shore, please Pick Up 3 Pieces and send us a photo to publish on this blog (or if you prefer we will put it on the noticeboard in school) and you will earn a badge which you can pick up from the school office.
Send your photos to - we look forward to seeing them!

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