PU3P at Dingieshowe and Skaill

Thanks to the RSPB and Orkney Islands Council Waste Services we have a couple of new stickers on bins this weekend. At Dingieshowe, which is a beach with a big marine litter problem, there is a small bin with a new sticker. Hopefully it will work as a reminder and regular visitors to the beach might be encouraged to bring their own bags to remove litter and take it away with them as well.

The Pick Up Three Pieces message was initiated by children but with the support of the RSPB it is hoped that stewardship for local beaches will be undertaken by the wider community and everyone will participate year round to look after 'their beach'.
At Skaill in the West Mainland the 1100ltr bin is ready for its share of litter. This iconic beach is visited by plenty of local folk and visitors from around the world. Now there is a designated place for visitors to deposit marine litter and contribute to reducing litter around our coasts and removing some of the hazards for wildlife.
A two minute clean up around the bin area included a fluorescent light tube, monofilamanet line and the usual handful of lighters, plastic lids, shotgun shell casings and cut off ends of rope and netting.
Why not put a photo of what you have removed on the Pick Up Three Pieces Facebook page?

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