Peedie Sea gets its own logo!

Last year children at Glaitness realised that the swans and other birds at The Peedie Sea were in danger of being harmed by the litter that gathers there. In the recent stormy weather the litter from the surrounding area has been piling uparound the overwintering birds. A lot of it is plastic bags which are extremely dangerous to wildlife. 
The children who are now in P3 designed a new logo specially for the Peedie Sea which shows 3 swans eating rubbish which they have mistaken for food. This design cleverly combines the Glaitness School logo (the swan) with the message of picking up three pieces. Their logo is now on 2 newly established bins and their design has been put on a re-useable bag to help spread the message and to help provide an alternative to plastic bags. The bags are available from Glaitness School reception for £2.50 each. Why not 'pick one up' on your way to the shops, or drop into Shearer's or Bruce's Stores and get one there!

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