Kirkwall's Last Straw

Class 6/7 at Glaitness School have been learning about sustainability and how what we consume affects the environment. After a hard look at our own global footprints and a reminder of how plastics affect the oceans they have decided to follow in the fantastic footsteps of Ullapool Primary School whose initiative 'Nae Straw At Aw' has resulted in Ullapool becoming the first single use plastic straw free village in Scotland. Class 6 have written to lots of hotels, bars and cafes to ask if they will end their use of single use plastic straws and offer a paper alternative,or no straw at all, to their customers. They have sent them a poster to display so that they can share their decision to take part in the initiative called  'Kirkwall's Last Straw' with their customers and they are hoping that the businesses will let them know they are taking part by leaving a comment on this post on the Pick Up Three Pieces Facebook page.
Hear the Radio Orkney interview with the children in this link at about 10:20.

In their own school the children have decided time is up for juice cartons with straws attached, single use plastic water bottles, plastic cutlery and plates, and styrofoam cups. They are now hoping that they can convince other schools to take up the challenge and get rid of any remaining plastics and have written to Orkney Islands Council to see if they can help make it happen across all schools in the county.


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    1. Thank you Kirkwall BID - we appreciate you spreading the message about the campaign.

  2. Thank you for your letter. We are in agreement and will try our best to take part. We have looked into sourcing different straws. Paper straws aren't the most practical or cost effective, but we have found some biodegradable straws, so they look like a winner! Helgi's

    1. Thank you for letting us know you think you can support the Last Straw campaign - we are delighted to know you are taking action. Many thanks for commenting - Glaitness Class 6/7 :)