Litter warriors on a beach near you!

Over the last few months Pick Up Three Pieces has been busy in schools.
Looking at the videos made by The 5 Gyres got everyone thinking about the problem of marine litter in the oceans around the world.
Having a look at some of the pieces gathered on Orkney's shores helped everyone realise how much evidence of the problem is on our doorstep. It is not only a problem that is happening far away in the Pacific, but we are contributing to and receiving litter from the North Atlantic Gyre.
Some of the items were a surprise! Some had travelled from Canada from one side of the ocean to the other, perhaps swirling around in the gyre for a while on the way.
Almost all of it was plastic.
It was time to take action!
Children from Glaitness not only removed litter from their own local beach at Scapa but also visited Dingieshowe - quickly fillling the bin!
We think this bin needs to be a lot bigger!
Most of the litter found was short lengths of rope and packing bands, and bits of net.
All of this is potentially deadly for marine creatures.

On World Environment Day more children from Glaitness returned to Scapa and continued the clean up, aware that in order to clean the gyre we need to clean our beaches and remove the litter before it is blown or washed back out to sea.

 With every tide more rubbish is left on the beach, and through the winter it is covered by seaweed and sand and stones. It takes a keen eye and determination to remove the hundreds of small lengths of
plastic rope and line, and the sheets of shredded plastic film which break up easily when pulled out of the sand.
Its quite an achievement to fill the 1100ltr bin and shows what can be achieved by team work!

No item is buried to deep for these determined litter warriors!
Next time you visit a beach, consider whether it may be safer for wildlife, and more enjoyable for you, because of  the efforts of  groups or individuals like these litter warriors.
Why not follow their example, join in and 'Pick Up Three for the Sea'! 
We think you will find it challenging to stop at 3!

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