Pick Up Three for the Peedie Sea!

We all know that marine litter comes from land and that it gets blown or washed into the sea and that on its trashy journey it can cause harm to wildlife.
At Glaitness School the children are aware of all the birds that come to the Peedie Sea and in particular the swans - they are the School's logo! So as well as trying to make sure that the playground doesn't produce litter which gets blown across the road the P2s have crossed the road and picked up the litter they have found there.
Its a really busy part of town with 3 big supermarkets close by, as well as plenty of car parking and people visiting burger and snack vans, so a lot of litter collects there in our windy weather.
Well done P2F! We will look forward to the next development in your initiative 'Pick Up Three for the Peedie Sea'!

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