Evie start planning and Burray get picking!

Pick Up Three Pieces visited two schools this week. Children at Burray had participated in the big 4th barrier litter pick with The Hope Community School last term but were keen to find out more about what marine litter is, the dangers it poses and where it comes from.

We watched a video and had a good discussion about their own experiences of finding plastics on the beach. Living so close to the shore meant that they were experts in some of the man made bruck to be found there.

Over in Evie later that day the Eco Committee and the Pupil Committee gathered to find out more about marine litter. Again they were a knowledgable group and very interested to see the litter from their own beach, some of which had come from Canada and Norway, and other bits, like crisp packets, from closer to home - maybe even the school playground!

After investigating the range of types of plastics that get washed up on Orkney's shores from the PU3P collection of cleaned beach plastics, they were keen to do something about it.

Lets hope we meet up again at the beach soon, and put some of that energy and enthusiasm into action!
Back at Burray the next day, a break in the weather meant a very pleasant morning on the beach for the Burray litter warriors. We found lots of rope, long lengths and short bits, scraps of plastic, clothes peg, cotton bud stick, lolly stick, bits of old creel, strapping bands, and much, much more!

The final big pile of bruck was deposited in the 1100ltr PU3P bin at the 4th barrier - almost filling it.
Well done for saving wildlife from all that  life threatening litter!
These children will continue to take a keen interest in, and responsibility for, the environment around them, and are already planning a return beach cleaning visit.

Burray School say, 'Pick Up Three!' 


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  1. They were so enthusiastic and the weather was perfect. Well done everyone who worked hard.