Peedie Sea litter warriors.

As the days get shorter and the weather cools the Peedie Sea again becomes busy with returning overwintering birds. The swans are arriving and ducks congregating - it is part of the seasonal change in Kirkwall. Once on the periphery of the town, The Peedie Sea is now surrounded by development and part of a busy thoroughfare - a main road and pedestrian paths between car parks with occasional food vans, supermarkets, school, campsite, playing fields, skatepark, a swimming pool and leisure centre, and housing. This means that the area is exposed to a lot of littering, much of it is single use bags and bottles, which spreads quickly in our windy weather.

The younger children at Glaitness School have taken responsibility for the area across the road from their school in a few different ways over the years by planting 'sticks' that are now young willow trees, and by creating interpretation boards for the new path.

They continue to do what they can in the windy playground to minimise the litter blown across to the Peedie Sea by having teams of volunteer litter pickers at break times and are now regularly making expeditions across the road to Pick Up Three Pieces, and working to get some bins established.

Here are a few of their responses to getting out and taking some action...
'I was surprised that there was so much rubbish but I was happy when we picked it all up.'
'I was happy when we were finished because we saved the animals from dying.'
'I am happy we picked up the litter because the plastic won't get stuck on the birds neck.'
'I enjoyed it because we are helping the environment. It was fun too because we got fresh air.'

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