PU3P visits North Walls School, Hoy.

The PU3P collection of bruck has been out at North Walls School in Hoy this week and was closely examined by the children. They found the remains of balloons, toothbrushes, paintbrushes, dolls, forks and spoons as well as pieces of plastic that had floated across the North Atlantic from Canada. There may even have been some items from further away - we may never know where some of these things originated - but we do know that they end up here in the seas around Orkney and deposited, briefly, on our shores.

After watching the videos produced by The 5 Gyres Institute it was clear that the problem of plastics in the oceans is a worldwide one. With some expertise already in ocean currents, members of Class 2 understood just how far trash in the ocean can travel.

 They concluded that there are things we can do to help animals in the oceans and stop things getting worse. We can try to reduce the amount of plastic we buy and use, and we can use cotton or jute bags when we go shopping and keep re-using them.

How do you clean the ocean? You clean the shore!
The most popular video of the day was the one that reminded us of how amazing the ocean is.

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