Shapinsay Bag the Bruck 2014

The children at Shapinsay School tackled the annual bruck bagging on the shores at Sandgarth beach.
Here are a few examples of what they found:
black plastic sheeting (baling wrap?)
broken creel
small drinks bottles
plastic lids
plastic toy digger
food containers
parts of pontoons
cartridge shells
electrical wire
fridge magnet
Awesome effort Litter Warriors!
Most of this bruck was made of plastic.
Some of it made specially for disposing of immediately after it was used!
A couple of days after the bruck bagging, the Pick Up Three Pieces team visited Shapinsay and the children had the chance to see some of Anne Bignall's pictures of underwater Orkney and the amazing creatures that live around our shores.
The children recognised a few of the items in the PU3P collection of marine litter from their Bag the Bruck expedition and found out that the cartridge shells probably come all the way from Canada. They also saw items that had come from Norway. They already knew that this litter poses a real problem of entanglement for marine animals and can be mistaken for food by birds and other creatures as it swirls around the North Atlantic.

These well informed litter warriors are making a difference by being active global citizens and taking responsibility for the environment around them.
Well done Shapinsay School!

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