Firth Bag the Bruck 2014

In the last week or two piles of bruck have been deposited beside our  beaches, shores and ditches all over Orkney. The bags are often picked up quite promptly so it is easy to underestimate just how much hard work has gone into Bagging the Bruck and the volume of litter that has been removed from the environment. Every pack of gloves and bags that is sent out is also followed up by a return form to let the organisers know how many bags were filled at each location. This does the job of letting the bin men know where to collect but also allows us to create a record of this year's efforts.
Individuals and community groups elect to clean specific beaches or stretches of shoreline or ditch, but a some of the picking is done by classes (or whole schools ) of children.

Some schools, like Firth, have shoreline right outside their school grounds!

Thank you to the children, staff and parents who join in and make Bag the Bruck so successful.

Well done litter warriors!

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